Total Instrument & Electrical Services provides a wide range of onshore and offshore services.

TIES portfolio includes services in the commerical, industrial, and marine industry. Services such as Electrical and Instrumentation, Measurement, Inspection, Commissioning & Start-up, Construction / Fabrication / Installation, Engineering, Designing, & Management, Programming & Control Systems, Generators Supply / Installation, and Maintenance & Troubleshooting. These services can be provide domestically or internationally.

Electrical Services

TIES offers comprehensive electrical services including:

  • Installation of power and lighting systems, switchboards, high voltage cabling networks and motor control centres
  • Installation of project infrastructure systems including cabling, junction boxes, cable ladders, conduit and pipe systems
  • Procurement of devices and materials for service application and distribution.


TIES understands that instrumentation is critical for ensuring stable, accurate and reliable control of process systems. Smart instruments integrated into the plant control systems provide management with timely and accurate data for improved decision making.

TIES offers the following instrumentation services to maximise the potential of technology through:

  • Instrument specification and procurement
  • Installation of systems including hazardous area control systems, SCADA systems, DCS and PLC systems, fire and gas systems and process indicators, transmitters and controllers
  • Infrastructure systems installation including cabling, marshalling panels, instrument air/gas reticulation and impulse line systems
  • Testing and device re-certification through fully trained technicians with NATA certified testing equipment
  • Maintenance services including removal, refurbishment and replacement as well as implementing total maintenance programs.


Measurement Services

TIES provides Liquid Measurement and Calibration Services for Meters, Pipelines and Tanks to help Ensure Accuracy and Reduce Error. We also provides a wide range of liquid volume measurement services on a global basis. Services include meter proving, volume, flow, and related meter measurement and calibration services. TIES provides these metrology serves to industries that require accurate measurements of liquids.

TIES Measurement Services include:
  • Metering and Calibration Services
  • Metering and Calibration Capabilities
  • Tank Calibration
  • Global Service Locations
  • Metering and Calibration Resources
  • Tank Gauging and Sampling Training

 Meter calibration are available for meters measuring crude oil, petroleum, refined products, natural gas, chemicals and other liquids and gases. Meter locations served include production plants, pipelines, offshore platforms, remote locations, refineries, chemical plants, storage tanks, storage terminals and more.



TIES provides knowledgeable QA/QC, API, NEC Electrical & Instrumentation Inspectors during construction, testing prior and post installation, vendor surveillance, start-up and modifications. Our broad experience in the petroleum industry also qualifies us to assist our clients in establishing workable piping and structural welding specifications and procedures meeting all client requirements, good engineering, and industry practice for all CWI, UT, MT, and visual welding standards, TIES' staff can provide a broad range of inspection services, including:

  • Project Management
  • I & E Fabrication Inspection
  • Piping, Welding & Structural
  • Painting
  • Completion of red-lines & as-builts



Commissioning and Start-up

TIES will help develop the facility commissioning plan and schedule to fit your project needs.  We will establish milestones and identify critical paths to accomplish the successful integration of construction and precommissioning / commissioning activities. 

Commissioning and start-up services provided:

  • Gas / liquid pipelines
  • Gas / liquid processing facilities
  • Generation & Switchgear
  • Total Process Control
  • Liquid and Gas Metering
  • Paging & Alarm Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Assorted Instruments
  • Assorted PLC Manufacturer



Construction / Fabrication / Installation

TIES can provide overall I & E construction / fabrication / installation project technical support and coordination. We will work with the fabricator, and sub-contractors as the first point of contact for I & E fabrication and hook-up portions of the project, while providing crossover and interfacing with engineering. TIES projects include:

  • Up to 4160 Power Distribution Systems
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems
  • I & E Monitor Process Control Systems
  • SCADA & RTU Systems
  • LACT & Metering Systems
  • Paging & Alarm Systems



Engineering, Designing, & Management

TIES follows all standards and best practices, regardless of the design applications. In addition, client revisions can be made to suit project parameters and in-house polices. All components used are of the highest grade, with the accurate as-built drawings provided with the equipment. TIES has designed the following:

  • Master Control Panels
  • Alarm Systems
  • LACT Panels
  • Total Custody Transfer Systems
  • Pipeline Pump Panel
  • Well Control Panels
  • MCC (Motor Control Center)
  • SwitchGear
  • ATS (Automatic Transfer System)



Programming & Control Systems

TIES provides world class PLC and HMI programming solutions with a wide variety of programming services and everything from new system installations, upgrades to existing controls, and complete system retrofits.

TIES offers experienced programmers that have worked on all brands of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), and motion hardware as well as all leading Human Machine Interface (HMI) software technologies including:

  • Wonderware
  • Cimplicity
  • Intellution
  • GE Fanuc Proficy & Cimplicity
  • Rockwell Software
  • RS View
  • Citech
  • Factory Link
  • Visual Basic
  • Custom and Web-based HMI
  • Logic development
  • Configuration of displays
  • History data base, logging and management information reports
  • Omni Flow Computers
  • Daniel Flow Computers
  • Centum CS 3000 R3 - Yokagawa


Generators Supply / Installation

TIES Generator Division provides quality and high performance generator sets, auto transfer systems and parallel control panels according to the international and state technological standards. We have special and creative design in the areas of applications, electronic control system, anti-vibration and appearance. We produce GENSETS for both prime and standby power needs. All generator sets, including open type, containerized type, should go through the same exact and strictly test and evaluation. In places where uninterrupted power is indispensable, we provide standby and continuous power for business and domestic customers.

  • Onan
  • Kohler
  • Baldor
  • Generac
  • Honda



Maintenance & Troubleshooting

TIES has delivered well-trained maintenance and troubleshooting talent, distinguished by the support, proven practices and tools we provide them. Our teams become better and more productive assets that drive occupant satisfaction and eliminate waste. TIES' maintenance and troubleshooting services offers an essential solution for maintaining smaller sites across a wide geographic area.  Our technical experts know how to help you design a complete maintenance program that will increase efficiency and create cost savings through dedicated maintenance technicians.

TIES adopts a methodical and systematic approach to resolving any causes of shutdowns to ensure that they are eliminated. We have particular expertise in solving instability problems that Operations personnel have learned to "work around" at a sub optimal level. TIES Services includes but not limited to the following:

  • Instrumentation and Electrical
  • Control Systems
  • Logic Controls
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Measurment