Total I & E Services will be a dominant provider of instrumentation and electrical services to both domestic and international clients, and will consistently deliver services that are judged to be of the highest quality and customer value, while promoting the security of life, property and the natural environment. Our mission is simple. To be the best I & E Service Provider in our field; experienced, responsive, competitive, and on-schedule. These qualities translate into excellence and trust... the same trademarks that we have carried over the years. TIES is committed to providing the highest quality products, competitively priced, with services exceeding our customers expectation. We will continue to invest in facilities, systems and highly trained technical personnel providing added-value to our business relationships.


Total I & E Services will establish new standards for the instrumentation and electrical industry by a service system that is efficient, responsive, responsible and effective. Total I & E Services will be the most sophisticated and proficient provider of instrumentation and electrical systems in the business. We pledge to monitor our performance as an ongoing activity, and to strive for continuous improvement.



TIES expects its representatives to demonstrate dependability, reliability and consistency while always striving to do the right thing. Integrity is tested at moments of truth. Cumulatively, these moments of truth define individuals and organizations. TIES employees will face moments of truth with strength of character and consistent application of its values and guiding principles.


TIES is a service business. The best service is delivered when the needs of others are put first. TIES strives to fully meet the needs of its associates so that our associates are prepared to fully meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to achieve complete and unconditional customer satisfaction.


TIES will be accountable for the decisions and actions of the organization. All members of the TIES team are expected to be equally accountable. We will admit when we are wrong and correct mistakes we make. Our customers trust us with valuable assets of their organizations. We must be good stewards of these assets. TIES will build value in the assets for which we are responsible. TIES team members look for opportunities to make a difference and have a positive impact.


As part of the Instrumentation and Electrical Services, Total I & E Services will take responsibility for the coordination and implementation of Health & Safety Management for all direct employees and sub-contractors in relation to the scope of works as to be set out in the tender documents.

The primary objective of TIES is to create a safe place of work and a safe working environment for all it's employees. We endeavour to protect employee safety and that of all others such as contractors, visitors or anyone who may be affected by the operations of our company.

The success of this policy is not only a management aim but a priority for every employee of the company and thereby essential that everyone acquaint themselves with every aspect of the Safety Management System contained within this manual.

Total I & E Services recognizes and accepts not only its statutory obligations as outlined in the 1989 Work Act and subsequent General Applications Regulations 1993 but also our moral and common law duties to;

· Provide a safe place of work.
· Provide safe systems of work.
· Provide safe plant and machinery.
· Provide knowledge and training to its staff.

It is our policy to ensure that each employee accepts their legal and moral responsibilities re upholding safety issues in the workplace. Persons who have been tasked with specific responsibilities will delegate and nominate a deputy in their absence.

A safe working environment promotes job satisfaction, less accidents and ill health and the direct result of this is a better service to the customer and ultimately a successful completion of the company's activities.

We at TIES realize that our employees are our greatest resource, and are committed to conducting all business activities and operations in the safest possible manner. As such, TIES has established a comprehensive Safety Program within all departments, and at all levels of activity, resulting in zero accidents throughout the course of our operations.