Total instrument & Electrical Services is a domestic and international business which maintains a dedicated staff of highly qualified and experienced staff.

TIES stands by its reputation to offer the best in design, fabrication, application, calibration, programming, inspection, commissioning, sales, troubleshooting, and maintenance for essentially any piece of equipment.

TIES has established a comprehensive Safety Program within all departments, and at all levels of activity, resulting in zero accidents throughout the course of our operations.

Our Administration Staff

Raymond, Discovery Producer Services, July, 2009

" Total Instrument and Electrical Services, Inc. is your one stop shopping contractor for all of your electrical construction projects and expert design, installation and top notch I and E services. ."

Gbenga, Midwestern Oil & Gas, Nigeria, June 2009

"TIES never cease to amazed me! The quality of service and experiences is outstanding!"



Meeting all Standards and Practices

TIES is aware of the importance of conducting operations in a manner such as to prevent damage or pollution to our environment. To accomplish this we must ensure that all our equipment is maintained in sound operating condition, while conducting our operations in a manner to prevent leaks, discharge or ruptures which could cause spillage of fuel, lubricants, or other products into the environment.

Continuous Improvement and Teamwork is one of our key factors. There are few assets as valuable to TIES as the ability of its associates, individually and collectively, to learn and acquire knowledge. TIES is committed to continually striving to improve all of its practices. TIES team members are expected to be continually learning and to look for opportunities to improve the practices of the organization.

It's not who gets the credit, only that the accomplishment is completed correctly, on time, and within budget. We work as a team, and there are no superstars nor is there individual glory. We work as a team to succeed as a team. Within this team effort we will acknowledge achievement of goals and exceptional performance. We will be tenacious and driven competitors, never settling for effort less than our best. We will never be satisfied with an outcome that does not positively represent TIES as a championship team.

Total I & E Services is committed to equality of opportunity in the workplace. Responsible growth of our Company will result from enhancing and using the abilities of all individuals to their fullest extent practical, within the framework of our business environment. To that end, we prohibit discrimination in all programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, veteran status, political beliefs and marital or familial status.

We are committed to the goal of equal employment opportunity and expect all employment decisions to advance the principles of equal employment opportunity. We expect all supervisory personnel to make good faith efforts to support this position, and to ensure that all employees reporting to them understand this policy